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Be the change!

Brahim, Youssef, Mohcine, and Fatima were students in MLP in the earlier days. Now they're in college and sharing their perspective.

Brahim Airbarka, on the being the change

FatimaZahra Taghlaoui, on education for girls

Mohcine El-Alji and his poem of peace

Youssef Aitha, on English as global language

A Word from Teachers

Book Reviews

Sweet Thank You from Assadaka Girls' High School, Guelmim

An MLP Logo Created by Sugar, Tea, and Fire

Women's History Month

For Women's History Month, young women created short videos to talk about a favorite book or what reading means to them, and we showed these at an event at Books Inc in Palo Alto and Berkeley. Female students average over 65% of the population of these English clubs with libraries. (See also photo stories from young women.)

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