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Who We Are

Barb Mackraz, Founder & Director 
Palo Alto, California

"I first visited Morocco in 2013, anxious to explore its gorgeous architecture and geometric arts. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with the country, its deeply historical blend of cultures, and the warm hospitality of the people I met. That was just the beginning, and the project soon blossomed into a full-time passion. It's an honor to work with such dedicated English teachers in Morocco, to help them inspire learning and a culture of reading among their students. It is also my hope that we'll build a strong community between the US and Morocco, a lasting bridge of friendship."

Barb spent a long career in research and design for tech companies in Silicon Valley, before starting this initiative in January 2014. She has always loved arts, literature, languages, and learning about other cultures, and she is passionate about literacy and sharing the bounty of good fortune more equally. (mission)

I am grateful to our teams in the U.S. and Morocco who give their time and expertise to make sure MLP continues to thrive.

We manage Morocco Library Project as part of our 501c3, Oliveseed Foundation, with a Board of Directors in the U.S. As ever, this is an all-volunteer initiative.

Teachers in Morocco help us with logistics and strategy, and the teacher Larbi Arbaoui manages the MLP Writing Competition each year.

A few of us at the MLP Book Fair in Marrakech, 2019
Bringing together teachers from all over Morocco

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