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To inspire a love of learning and build a bridge of friendship

We believe libraries are a vital community resource, a place where anyone can find something to explore. This is partly about improving reading skills, but it's so much more than that. It's about having access to excellent literature, for any age and reading level, and access to a broad scope of knowledge, whether it's about oceans, the latest technologies, or the story of ancient civilizations. A real library can inspire young people to become engaged in the positive aspects of humanity and nature, and do something hopeful with their lives.

This project is not about English in particular — it could have been any language. But when we began our research, we found a widespread interest in English among this population, and we are happy that English can help enhance learning and healthy engagement with the world. We deeply respect the local languages and culture. In fact, we hope to support students who are writing stories, by creating books for their stories with English and their native language on facing pages, and put the books back in their libraries.

Some of us were fortunate to grow up with lots of books at home and great libraries right down the street. But most of the world does not have this advantage. We believe in sharing the bounty, and these growing towns in the corners of Morocco are a wonderful place to do it. Most of all, this project is an act of friendship, which we hope will extend into the next generation and beyond.

~Barb Mackraz


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