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inspiring literacy, building friendship

We develop English libraries in communities of Morocco that need them and want them, in collaboration with local high school teachers (where?). These libraries and the after-school clubs we partner with are a "space for great things to happen," including a love of literature and civic and environmental engagement. We also encourage and support young writers and share their voices with others in Morocco and beyond. Our goal is to inspire the joy of learning and to help motivated young people know they can make a positive difference in this world.

Your tax-deductible support makes this possible.

MLP Short Story Competition, 2021-22

In this year's MLP Short Story Competition, the theme was "Life in Morocco" — past, present, or future. We received 25 stories from young writers all over the country, each one worthy of publication. Congratulations to all of the young writers! Check back in fall of 2022 for the anthology of selected stories. We were delighted that many of the writers this year chose to weave in a modern interpretation of a traditional Moroccan myth.

1. The Tale of Zhor: The Origin of Saffron by Aya Gallal, Moussa Ben Noussair High School, Marrakech

2. The Lady of The Tombs by Mohammed Laghmari, Taibatoune Private School, Fes

3. The Ghost of Justice by Siham Elbalegh, Ibn Hazm High School, Agadir

MLP Winners 2022.png
MLPCompBooks (1).jpeg

The free ebook of stories from the 2020 MLP Short Story Competition is available!

From the Oliveseed blog
The Access Language Center, Sparkling the Candles of Readers

"We believe that bringing people together to read and discuss as a group is one of the best ways to inspire a culture of reading and to boost critical thinking!"
~Ali Amhal, English instructor and founder of the Access Language Center, Biougra 
High school and university students: The Access Language Center in Biougra is holding literature circles and conversation groups every Saturday afternoon. This is a great opportunity to refine your English. To learn more, please call the Center at +212 631227203.
From the Oliveseed blog
Educating Girls Can Stop Gender Inequality in Morocco
"I promised myself to encourage my female students to study hard at school and to be ambitious... Education can transform the life of a girl. It can empower her to achieve her dreams."

~Ilham Haddadi, Khouribga 

2017-12-14-PHOTO-00000181 (1)_edited.jpg
From the Oliveseed blog
Morocco Library Project — My Second Home
"Do you believe that books can affect us exactly as people do? That's the lesson I've learned through my three years’ experience with Morocco Library Project (MLP), my second home and my inspiration."

~Ferdawss Ben Malk, Taroudant 

From the MLP Videos

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"Reading is the most beautiful thing in life, simply because it is our window to the wide world out there and a bridge between cultures east and west."

~Nezha, age 16, Erfoud 


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