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We develop English libraries in communities of Morocco that need them and want them, in collaboration with local high school teachers (where?). These libraries and the after-school clubs we partner with are a "space for great things to happen," including a love of literature and civic and environmental engagement. We also encourage and support young writers and share their voices with others in Morocco and beyond. Our goal is to inspire the joy of learning and to help motivated young people know they can make a positive difference in this world.

PLANS FOR 2021: A public library in Biougra at the new Access Language Center, another school library in northern Morocco, and an expanded national writing competition for students.

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The 2021 MLP Short Story Competition is under way!

To sign up, please contact Larbi Arbaoui at
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From the 2020 Competition

"Draw your ideas with those letters... All that matters is that you put yourself in that text. Put all the things that you feel and that you think about in those lines.... Because love and passion is all what makes us happy and proud of ourselves."
~ Hiba Baqrtit, Taroudant, author of "Aiden"
Hiba's portrait of a boy with autism came in 1st in the 2020 competition. We're delighted that it's available to read now online! A talented young artist named Hajar created images that help tell the story. A collection of 15 stories from 2020 will be published in an ebook in March 2021.
We manage this competition as a program of our nonprofit organization, OliveSeed.
From the OliveSeed blog

Morocco Library Project —

My Second Home

"Do you believe that books can affect us exactly as people do? That's the lesson I've learned through my three years’ experience with Morocco Library Project (MLP), my second home and my inspiration"

~Ferdawss Ben Malk,Taroudant

From the MLP Videos

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"Reading is the most beautiful thing in life, simply because it is our window to the wide world out there and a bridge between cultures east and west."

~Nezha, age 16, Erfoud 


Our goal is to inspire the joy of learning, and for young people to know they can make a positive difference in this world. ​We are grateful for your support.

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We manage Morocco Library Project as a program of our 501c3 public charity nonprofit OliveSeed (EIN 82-1693564).

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