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Ferdawss & the Magic of Books

Ferdawss Ben Malk, a voracious reader, was a high school student in Taroudant and the coordinator of her school's new English club.

"Since my childhood, books were my distraction and my second world. I can live, travel, cry, and even die and I’m still in my place. Books gave me the chance to be the character that I want, and live the life that I want, just between papers.

I used to read Arabic and French books, but they weren’t my interest. Last year, my first year in high school, was a transmission station in my life. I become a member and then the coordinator of an English club in my school.

This chance opened in my face a lot of doors that I entered through to meet MLP. The project that brings me what I wanted years ago: English books that I never imagined I would read until years later and sometimes the bestsellers that I saw just on YouTube or internet, and dream to have them between my hands.


I once read that it is not books that have changed the world, but readers. And that is exactly what MLP did. It changed the Moroccan students’ minds. It inspired them and let them inspire the others. There is something magical in books or maybe there is a miracle, as Mrs. Barb likes to call it. Because as George R.R Martin said: a reader lived a thousand lives before he died.

Just in one year I was able to read more than 50 books. I cried with the characters as I rejoiced to their joy.

MLP is the best meaning of small ideas having a big effect. I am really happy to be part of this amazing project that gave me the opportunity to motivate the people in my community.

Books and reading are the power of human mind, so let’s feed this mind to get in tune with a world free of ignorance and spread peace by our ideas and make the world a better place."

Ferdawss is in college now and still writes book reviews for us. She also likes to make collages of books she's read. Here are a few of them...
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