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An Environmental Club Is Born!

A modern library is more than just a collection of materials — it's a hub for exploration and a shared space for good things to happen. A group of students in the Chouiter English Club, near Marrakech, launched their own "environmental action club." This was encouraged by their teacher Taoufyq Elmoussaoui and inspired by a biography of Rachel Carson.

Rachel Carson ignited the international environmental movement in 1963 with her landmark book,"Silent Spring." The students were amazed at how one person, and one book, can make such a positive impact on the world, so they ran with the idea. We have since sent "Silent Spring," along with more information about Carson and other environmentalists. About 60 students are now involved with this environmental action group. The students have planted 20 trees on campus already, with competitions to nurture them, and they give presentations to others at their school on why we should all care about the environment. 

As the student Kawtar puts it, "It's time to respond to the Mother Earth call."

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