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In March 2017, in honor of International Women's Day

and Women's History Month... We are celebrating remarkable young women in Morocco who are thriving by having access to a new library.  

We had a great Open House at Books Inc in Palo Alto and Berkeley on March 9th and 14th, highlighting the impact the libraries are having on young women. We shared photo and video stories that women sent for the occasion. Thank you to Books Inc and to everyone who came!
Please consider supporting Morocco Library Project to help keep this program going. We work in over 25 locations, with a wait list of 20 more, and this directly impacts over 100 students at each location. These libraries are having an especially significant impact on young women. In many areas of rural Morocco, female participation in secondary school is as low as 26%but in these English clubs with libraries, young women are over 60%. Thank you.

Meet a  few of the women highlighted at the Books Inc events...

FatimaZahra, from Erfoud

"I am the first woman in my family to go to college, and reading books from our library gave me the confidence and literacy. I hope to be an English teacher or translator one day, and to help elevate the education of girls and women in my area."

Kawtar, from Chouiter

A budding environmentalist, Kawtar became inspired after reading about Rachel Carson in her library and spearheaded a tree-planting program in her community. Come see her tree-planting video at the open house.

Imane, from El-Guerdane

With one of her favorites...

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