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Meet a US Supporter, Books Inc

Barb with Nadine, manager of the store

One of the reasons we're able to send such nice books and stretch our budget is that we partner with Books Inc, an independent bookstore in Palo Alto, California. The owner of Books Inc heard about Morocco Library Project through the grapevine and contacted us, asking how he could help. And so, we buy new books for libraries in Morocco at a discount through this generous local resource.

Books Inc also features a display about Morocco Library Project in their store, and customers can pick out and buy a book at a discount to send, using a set of guidelines that Barb prepared. People come into the store, see the exhibit right by the door, and think,"Yes, this is something I'd like to contribute to!" We've already received and sent hundreds of excellent books that Palo Altans have bought for libraries in Morocco.

Every winter Books Inc holds a "Morocco Library Project Night," and the store donates a portion of their proceeds from those events to the libraries, which helps us greatly with shipping expenses. We generate a lot of interest in the project at these events, even among kids in the store, many of whom buy children's books to send. Thank you to Books Inc for inspiring our community to get involved.

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